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Who We Are

Indigenous Grandmothers are the original Earth Walkers who guide, direct, model, and protect culture for the coming faces.  Grandmothers have preserved the core principles of peace, power and righteousness. They strengthen communities and nations through reclaiming identity, rebuilding relationships and remembering our Original Instructions. Resurgence in Indigenous Ways of Knowing is our pathway to healing as a community and nation. Reclaiming, restoring culture, land, language, holistic health and well-being is the pathway to self-determination. 

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What We Do

Grandmother's Voice is an Indigenous Women-Lead organization unifying Indigenous voices while welcoming all people from the four directions.   The universal wisdom of Grandmothers Voices has been the heart and healing of communities since creation.  We are now in a time to reignite and rekindle these understandings and values that have been preserved for the coming faces.  Individuals, corporations and organizations in public, private and non-profit sectors, are invited to engage and be in relationship with Grandmother's Voice to share in the knowledge of the Ancestors and Grandmothers so that collectively we create a new kind of HOPE, HEART and healing for all. 

HOPE- How Our People Educate: When we provide education it is done from an Indigenous perspective.  While creating safe sacred spaces for learning from the heart and unlearning from the mind. 

HEART- Healing Engaging Amplifying Rekindling Truth-Telling:  Grandmother’s Voice leads from the heart in all we do. Healing is the grounding principle when engaging others while amplifying Indigenous voices and knowledge.  Rekindling our hearts renews our relationship to each other and Mother Earth.  This gives us the strength to be Truth Tellers while we create unified communities of one heart and one mind. 

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Grandmother Renee

Grandmother's Voice "Healing the Scars of Colonialism"

We are following our hearts, guided by Spirit and being supported by our Ancestors. There is always room for more. Come walk with us.


The doc was shot just before the pandemic, Grandmother's Voice: Healing the Scars of Colonialism just won Best Historical Film at the 2021 Culture and Diversity Film Festival in LA. "The work you do is so important and I'm so happy that we could be a part of helping you tell your stories."  Jarrod Stark, Billet Media

What We Do

Grandmother's Voice strengthens the lives of Indigenous People through healing, reclaiming identity and rebuilding relationships. Our goal is to remind the people that balance, personal and professional growth is important in moving towards the healing of our Nation.  

Through reclaiming and restoring culture, connecting to land, learning language; then holistic health and well-being will be the pathway to self-determination. Just like the braided sweet grass, we are stronger woven together. 

We Know

Following the guidance of our Grandmother’s our communities will begin to heal.  It is through this commitment to relationship and unity that our understanding towards the principles and ethics of the Kaswentha-Two Row Wampum is renewed.  The Grandmothers Voice returns us to our original instructions to connect to the land and each other for wellness.  This way of being will move people, communities, and organizations to understand their responsibilities to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action.  This will strengthen their relationship with Indigenous people, to themselves and to those around them.  

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Together we can make a difference and your support means so much. There are various ways you can support our

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To do more we need to do it together. Join our  Earth Walkers and be a part of creating a safe and secure community of belongs and understanding for of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous community members and help to amplify Indigenous ways of knowing through teaching, sharing and education.

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