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Home of the Earth Walkers

Home of the Earth Walkers.  This wellness center will be the first of its kind.  It will be the First urban Indigenous Center in Halton.  Guided by Grandmother’s Voice and the Earthwalkers, the Urban Indigenous Folx of Halton are called to gather and build the vision of the space together 

Halton Urban indigenous Wellness Project in Partnership with Country Heritage Park began in February 2021

CEO Jamie Reaume, of Country Heritage Park understood the lack of identity surrounding Halton Region and area of its Indigenous population – one that is dramatically underserviced and ignored to respect its own culture and ways. At Country Heritage Park, remarkably, there has been a complete absence of any Indigenous presence – despite the fact that the original Ontario Agricultural Museum was established as a crossroads of rural and agriculture established between roughly the years 1820 to 1950. Remarkable in that there is nothing that recognizes the Indigenous way, medicinal, and practices anywhere on the 80-acres of land that sits on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas, Neutral, Huron-Wendat and Haudenosaunee.


But remembering, during this era of Truth and Reconciliation, is not what the project is about at its core. It is tapping into the old knowledge of Grandmother’s Voice, a collective of Indigenous women who utilize traditional means and methods and led to the creation of an Indigenous-led, woman-led Wellness Centre at Country Heritage Park – which will provide alternative treatments for all, a very inclusive approach, but one that will allow for the healing of the body, mind, and soul and spirit while connecting to the land.


Currently the property is preparing 3 Elements for developing from Indigenous-Led programing.  It was important for Jamie to provide not only space for Indigenous people to gather and practice culture, but he was confident that in conclusion of the COVID pandemic, that all people would have access to Indigenous Holistic approach to healing.  This will include a Healing/Medicine Garden, a Wellness Center, and a Community Garden.  All of these will be guided through Grandmother’s Voice and Indigenous Partner Organizations. 

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