More About Beyond National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Day of Truth and Reconciliation - September 30th 2021

Grandmothers Voice and Residential School Survivors collaborate to share experiences and information to support all relatives on the collective journey of Truth and Reconciliation.

This space will provide links, videos, resources and more to help navigate and connect you to knowing your responsibilities to the 94 Calls to Action. 

Bring our Children Home - Ojibwe Artist Isaac Murdoch - Campaign launched to bring awareness to the children who didn't return home from the Indian Residential Schools across our nation.

Grandmothers Voice continues to support the Survivors as our nation continues to search the grounds of the 139 residential schools that existed.


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National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation-Week September 12-Oct 1st

National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation- University of Manitoba

TRC Calls to Action PDF

Donate to the Mohawk Village Memorial Park-Survivors Campaign for a Park

Resource Videos- Grandmothers Voice Videos

Follow Mohawk Village Memorial Park on Facebook- Survivors 

#dosomething- The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund 

What is Orange Shirt Day? 

Orange shirt day is an annual event that started in 2013 to recognize the legacy of Residential school system for First Nations, Metis and Inuit families and communities. It is a show of support and understanding of the history of the school system that impacts many First Nations, Metis and Inuit people today.

The phrase “Every Child Matters” reminds everyone that children are such an important and integral part of our communities and that they are our future generations of changemakers. By wearing an orange shirt, we have an opportunity to bring awareness to the history of residential schools and to stand up against other injustices that may impact our children/students. This link gives the story of Phyllis Webstad, who started the campaign.

Learn about the Orange Shirt Day Organization

Background information on Orange Shirt Day – Every Child Matters 

Orange Shirt Day Blog from 2020- Great Read and Resource

Article with Phyllis Webstad- Hullington Post 2016

Where Are the Children-Legacy of Hope Foundation

We Were So Far Away-Legacy of Hope Foundation 

Stolen Children: Residential School Survivors Speak Out (YouTube) This short documentary, produced by CBC, consists of a series of interviews with Residential school survivors about their experiences attending school.

RIIS from Amnesia (Youtube) is a short documentary on the Regina Indian Industrial School (RIIS), its descendants and legacy. Run by the Presbyterian Church of Canada, the school opened its doors in 1891 and was located on the outskirts of Regina, Saskatchewan.

Finding Heart (Youtube) is a short documentary on the life of Dr. Peter Bryce who as a Chief Medical Officer worked to highlight the mistreatment of Indigenous students within the Residential school system and advocate for improved treatment and environmental conditions


I Am Not A Number by Jenny Kay Dupuis and Kathy

The First Day. A Story of Courage by Katherena Vermette

They Called Me Number One by Bev Sellars

As Long As the River Flows by Larry Loyie

A Stranger At Home by Christy Jordan- Fenton & Margaret Pokiak-Fenton

Residential Schools With the Words and images of Survivors by Larry Loyie

What you can do as a Canadian Citizen.  

  • Share resources

  • promote learning

  • Read an Indigenous Authors book

  • Follow Indigenous Organizations that resonate with you

  • Stay connected to Grandmothers Voice