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The Healing Journey towards
Mino-Bimaadiziwin (The Good Life)

May 24th, 2022

Country Heritage Park, Milton

9:00am - 4:00PM

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Presented by Dennis Windego -
Indigenous Psychotherapist

Dennis is from the traditional lands of the Anishinabeg community of Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation in northwestern Ontario.  His Anishinabeg name is Zoongwebines, and he is a member of the Lynx clan.  Dennis follows the teachings of his late father which guides his decolonizing approach to mental health, addictions, grief, and healing of trauma.  He holds an MSW from Laurentian University. He also graduated from the community based, BSW (Hons) program through Seven Generations and Carleton University.

This one-day training program is designed to transfer skills, tools, and knowledge to participants and will help them to heal themselves and others in their Healing Journey towards Biimaadiiziwiin, the good life. Introduction to Indigenous psychotherapy will be presented as a decolonizing healing model and will demonstrate the power of healing trauma through, experiential exercises, trauma recovery stories, and small group discussions, participants will acquire sacred tools and bundles by building on and decolonizing their existing skills and knowledge to assist Indigenous populations they service.

Participants will learn

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  • How to build a connected, safe, and sacred ground to sit beside complex trauma

  • How to introduce land, medicine, water, air, rock, and indigenous teachings into psychotherapy

  • How to recognize the presence of trauma through the body, silence, dissociation, and

  • fear paralysis, and overwhelming responses; and how to assess and work with it

  • How to work with client’s anger/rage response and reduce impact on the helper

  • To recognize and work with Intergenerational impacts of abandonment, rejection, and neglect

  • How to take care of self and the importance of healing and development as a helper

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