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Made of Love

A day to renew your Spirit and Connect to your Soul

Monday, June 27th 9-4 pm,

8560 Tremaine rd, Milton ON

Country Heritage Park (Gambrel Barn)

flowers with sunset

Circle, Meditation, Yoga and Food medicine with Indigenous Female healers and helpers.

Arrive in silence and set your intentions to honour yourself for the day.

Guides on our one day journey to wellness:

Grandmother Renee

Grandmother Renee


Cayuga Bear

Jane Burning

Jane Burning -

Seneca Bear

Liz Snell

Liz Snell

Vegan Lifestyle Coach

Shanine Dennill

Shanine Dennill

Soulful Healing Practitioner


Arrival 8:30-9:15 ( people can visit the garden unwind have a tea find their spot in circle and matts on floor (2 separate areas)
9:30- 10:15am - Circle with Grandmother Renee

Welcome to Wellness
10:15-10:20 - move to matt
10:20- 11:00am – first meditation - guided by Jane Burning
11-11:45am - "Yoga Flow" Gentle movement through poses that will nurture your spirit. Led by Liz Snell
11:50am- 12:30pm - Light lunch
12:35pm - back in circle with Grandmothers
12:40-1:15pm - meditation with Jane Burning back on matt  
1:15-2:10pm - Yoga Hatha & Nidra - bringing awareness to the Balance and harmony within you. Led by Shanine Dennill
2:15- 2:45pm - Back in circle
3:00-3:15pm - Wrap up the day

Includes light food medicine and a small gift to remind you of self care. Arrive in silence to honour your intention towards connection to self.


We want to ensure that everyone would like to participate is able to. We all have different financial capacities and are inviting you to select a payment level that works for you (including the option of supporting the participation of someone else).

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Donations for one day retreat begin at $100

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