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Our in-person & virtual community Full Moon gathering and Ceremony are offered to bring community together.

Nations gather under the 13 Grandmother Moons throughout the year to honour the seasonal changes while expressing thanks to the people, 

the natural world, the spirit world and the Creator.

By coming together it is hoped that we maintain the health of the communities.

It is said that Grandmother Moon watches over the waters of the Earth. We see this in her regulating of the tides.

Grandmother Moon controls all female life. Much of the water life spawn according to the cycles of the moon.

It is said that Grandmother Moon is especially close to women because she governs the woman’s cleansing cycle,

the natural cycle of menstruation known as the moon time.
Just as Grandmother Moon watches over the waters of the Earth, it is said that women watch over the waters of the people.

Water always comes before new life.


Join us for any in-person or virtual Full Moon Gathering. Event details will be listed here and on Facebook:

Aug 30 - 7:15pm at St Paul's United Church, 454 Rebecca Street, Oakville

Sept 29/30 - TBD

Nia wen, Chi Miigwetch

Please support these gatherings by contributing financially, by sharing our message, and by inviting others to join.

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