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Love and Support our Cultural Language

Author Pam Devonshire

Pam Devonshire

Pamela Devonshire is a Canadian author and storyteller with Mohawk, British and Scottish ancestry. She is a proud member of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte and descendent of Chief Deserontyon. Pamela offers a compelling and creative Indigenous worldview, sharing stories about her family lineage and First Nation community.

An advocate of protecting and preserving traditional knowledge, Pamela uses a unique blend of Indigenous teachings and historical truths to inform and educate Canadians on subjects of Indigenous heritage, culture and contributions that helped shape this country. Pamela enjoys sharing her stories with children and is inspired by their appetite to learn more about Indigenous peoples in southern Ontario.

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3-Book Series

This three-book series is inspired and connected by significant Mohawk people, legends and places and begins with the story about Chief and Captain John Deserontyon whose name means, ‘Where the Lightning has Struck’.

Where the Lighting Has Struck by Pam Devonshire

‘Where the Lightning has Struck is a true story about Mohawk Chief and Captain John Deserontyon’.

Help us to remember and honour Captain John. He loved his people and persevered to secured the Simcoe Deed (Treaty 31/2) for the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte after the American Revolutionary War.

‘I am very grateful for everything Captain John did. He loved his people and wanted to protect them and generations to come.”

The Wishing Tree by Pam Devonshire

The Wishing Tree, What Would You Wish For?’ Tells the legend of the Great Wishing Tree.

Help us to honour and love nature.

‘Sugar Maples give us life. We need to look after trees because they look after us.’

Lake on the Mountain, Waterfall Wish by Pam Devonshire

‘Lake on the Mountain, Waterfall Wish’ Tells the legend of two star crossed people who are in deep, unwavering love.

‘The Three Sisters reflected on what they saw happen to these two young people, who had given up everything in the name of love. The Three sisters were moved by this unwavering act of love so they decided to help them.’

Mohawk is an endangered language as per UNESCO. Show your caring and love by helping us to protect and support our language and culture. Net proceeds from the book series sales will be being donated to TTO Tsi Tyónnheht Onkwawén:na, Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, Tyendinaga for the construction of a new Mohawk Language

and Cultural Centre.

How to Purchase

Available as a bundle of 3-books.

$25.00 + Shipping

Email: to place an order.

Payment method: E-transfer or cash.

*Books not available individually at this time (3-book bundle only).

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