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22-2-22 Twosday

2-22-22 "Twosday"

The last time I sat and thought about #2 was when I attended a group meditation in 2012. Pretty sure the date was 12-12-2012.

The metaphor I remember from that meditation was that we were exiting a time of male domination to a time of women emerging. The # 1 represents the male and the #2 represents the female standing side by side, in love and balance.

I recall then that it was shared that #2 represented harmony, balance, love, consideration, trust, faith. #2 was the feminine essence.

The year before that, I did a group meditation on 11-11-11. In this meditation, the #1's were referred to as the gates that we were exiting of the patriarchal society.

Tooday is 22-02-22 "Twosday". and I woke this morning with a vivid memory of both events and the reminder of how they moved me at that time in my life. When I turned on my computer this morning, I had the invitation below for 2 pm today, in my inbox and I wanted to share it.

Have some fun today, as I am sure there will be tonnes of info on the web about this date and how you can be more conscious about the change you want to be and see in the world.

I found this bit on this sequence of #'s, and a more spiritual way to think about today's energy. on A palindrome is a sequence of numbers, words, or phrases that read the same back to front as they do front to back. Today’s date is rare, some are calling February 22, “Twosday.” But what is the spiritual meaning of this date in numerology?

The palindromic number represents a choice where both outcomes can teach a valuable lesson. Josh Siegal, a numerologist told Bustle since the number two symbolizes harmony in numerology, it’s important that the collective takes these dual energies with stride and acceptance on Feb. 22. ‘Essentially, all things in this world have an opposite. The key to harmony is to bring balance to the opposing forces,’ he said. This date can push you to focus on your abilities to perform as a team with others, the energy of Feb 22 is concentrated in areas of partnerships, Siegal told Bustle. Number 2 represents harmony; cooperation and it reestablish a point of balance.

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