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David Suzuki Foundation Future Ground Prize

Palm trees during a hurricane

Hello Everyone,

We are so excited to announce that we were nominated as a top 10 finalist for the David Suzuki Future Ground Prize for Indigenous Seeds of Hope! We have created a Healing/Medicine garden as a Living Monument to honour the MMIWG2S+ at the land in Milton, ON at Country Heritage Park. The Future Ground Prize recognizes social initiatives that have created a positive environmental impact and social impact in their community. It is SUCH an honour to be nominated along with the other finalists! The grand prize includes $5000 and the chance to meet David Suzuki virtually and present to him and others our Living Monument!

Starting today, we invite you to cast your vote at this link here: for Indigenous Seeds of Hope - Planting Our Future and Grandmother's Voice!

We love our community and appreciate everyone who votes for us!


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