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Below is a list of articles, media and sites that we have complied for you as a resource for expanding knowledge and understanding.

Articles of Interest

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Truth & Reconciliation

IHE project connects Indigenous Peoples to education and research in areas of Indigenous knowledges:

Indigenology, the study of the theory and practice of Indigenous Knowledge;

  • Indigenogogy, the transmission of culture.

  • Indigenography, the transmission of knowledge in textual, video graphic, graphic, audio, and performative forms and languages;

  • Indigenosophy, the cosmological, epistemological, metacognitive understanding of how things came to be;

  • Indigenagronomy, the means for food security and sovereignty as social capital;

  • Indigenomastics, the study of Indigenous place names;

  • Indigenocracy, how Indigenous People governed over their affairs in their own way;

  • Indigenopathy, how to protect ourselves from any threats to health and wellness;

  • Indigenometry, the design of housing, community, clothing, and social systems.

Indigenous Human Ecology collects, catalogues, interprets and inventories Indigenous knowledges, languages and cultures in a virtual Campus Earth--Indigenotas. 

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